Latter-day Seekers

Community of Christ

A Christian church with a Restoration heritage.

The purpose and mission of the church is to proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.


The church envisions a time when the promise of God’s kingdom shall be fulfilled. We have a vision of that kingdom where the name of Jesus Christ is truly honored, where God’s will is done on earth, where the hungry are fed, poverty is alleviated, and people are made whole.  It is the peace of Zion that we seek, where people live justly with each other, God, and all of creation.

For this vision of Zion, we stand as an international community of prophetic vision, faithful to the risen Christ, empowered by hope, spending ourselves courageously in the pursuit of peace and justice.

















© 2015 Apostle Dale E. Luffman
Community of Christ